Does rendering your house increase its value?

Does rendering your house increase its value?

Yes, we think so! But more importantly, so does the market!

Whether you are renovating to occupy or renovating for profit, rendering your house is a sure way to increase its value.

By how much? Well, that will depend on its current state, and in this case – the uglier the brick the better! But not just brick, modern render systems are also designed to go over fibro, polystyrene, Hebel, as well as various other claddings.

Those orange bricks might have been the hit in the ’70s, but they have become a symbol of tired homes in need of a facelift.

Some advice we have heard when renovating for profit, is to try and avoid projects where there is extensive repair work required – houses with roof leaks, major plumbing issues, termite damage, electrical issues etc. Instead, always look for projects with opportunities to make the highest visual impact. Aesthetic changes are known for the most effective increase in value. Any changes and improvements you can make to the street appeal of the house will always deliver your greatest renovation return on investment %.

You should thank your lucky stars that the previous owners didn’t render earlier because you have been gifted the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to increase the value of your house! Render!

So, how much does rendering your house increase its value? …

Typical rendered brick houses in Brisbane suburbs such as Carindale, Mansfield, Mt Gravatt, Jindalee, Mt Ommaney, Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket etc. easily fetch $60,000 – $70,000 in increased sale value compared to their un-rendered equals – not to mention the all-important days-on-market.

Don’t believe me?

Perhaps you will believe Cherie Barber, one of Australia’s renovation experts who said “Cement rendering the outside and external painting will typically give you a $10 return for every $1 invested”, in an article featured in the Courier Mail.

Rendering and painting your house is often a far cheaper process than what people may think – perhaps due to the drastic improvement in transforming the overall appearance.

For your reference, we have put together a comprehensive pricing guide available as a free PDF download here, as well as the pricing for our most common projects here.

So, whether you live to the north of Brisbane, the south, to the east in Redland Bay or west out to Ipswich – contact us today for sound advice and an obligation free measure and quote.

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