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What is a cheaper alternative to render?

Exploring Affordable Alternatives: Cement Bagging for External Finishes When discussing home exteriors, the conversation often gravitates toward the classic choices of brick, render, and cladding. …

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Is It Worth Rendering Your House? Boosting Value and Aesthetics

Are you considering ways to enhance the value of your home? Wondering if there’s a surefire method that not only increases your property’s worth but …

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ColourCOnsult 2

The benefits of a colour consultant

As exciting as renovating can be, there is a lot of key decisions that have to be made for the finished look to be everything …

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Jindalee Brisbane Rendering

Does rendering your house increase its value?

Does rendering your house increase its value? Yes, we think so! But more importantly, so does the market! Whether you are renovating to occupy or …

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How much does it cost to render a house

The cost to render an average low set house is approximately $7,880.00 to $10,890.00 including GST, while the cost to render an average high set …

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