The benefits of a colour consultant

Bridget Sinclair of Bloss Interiors meeting with Brisbane Rendering customers

As exciting as renovating can be, there is a lot of key decisions that have to be made for the finished look to be everything you imagined!

Choosing a trustworthy and professional business to execute your project is the best way for this to happen. You’ve already done this by selecting Brisbane Rendering. Tick!

One of the hardest decisions in a project is selecting your colours. Or, you’ve chosen your colours but aren’t sure where to put them. Colours complement the style of house and can help draw your eye to certain features.

The benefit of having an experienced Colour Consultant is that they can help you with this without you having to make a very expensive mistake and wanting to change the colours when the job has only just been completed. OUCH!

Colour can change the way we see substrate. Having a darker colour in certain areas can accentuate another area that deserves more attention. A Colour Consultant will be able to tell you what hue or undertone to use to complement other existing colours and surfaces, like paving/timber/powder-coated windows etc. A neighbour’s house may be bright and vibrant which can actually alter the way you see colour on your own home! A Colour Consultant will know the interaction between light and colour and will be able to offer you colours that will prevent any reflections or rebounds.

Natural light can change colours drastically. Having a Colour Consultant at your home in the exact sunlight you will see your render, will give confidence in selecting the right colour for YOUR home. A colour scheme can look great on one house, but not necessarily on another. There are millions of colours to choose from, and a Colour Consultant will understand what tints to avoid and what combination of tints are required to achieve your desired look for your home or business.

They will work with you to ensure you achieve the colour scheme and style you love. And as a result – you will have a new, fresh and modern look to your home!

Bridget Sinclair

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